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2022 Program

*** Just Announced - full program and artist descriptions, click here ***

Bush Dance

The 2022 bush dance will be held at 7:30 - 9:30pm on the Friday night of the Jamboree in the Public Hall. As usual our "scratch" band and expert callers will have you dancing your socks off! 


Saturday Morning Banjo Workshops

Each workshop will feature an aspect of banjo playing led by talented musicians - a variety of levels
will be catered for.
Venues will be the Cricket Pavilion, the Stables behind the General Store and the Music Hall.
Presenters will be:

9.30 – 10.30am: Stan Gottschalk & John Boothroyd; Brent Davey.

10.45 – 11.45am: Chris Ryan; Gus Macmillan; Richard MacEwan.


Saturday 12 - 1pm Come join our community celebration commencing on the John Powell Reserve & culminating in an giant photo shoot under the Big Tree. Dress up as you wish, there will be clowns, a camel, Banjo Bear and numerous other characters. 

Moosejaw Rifle Club_edited.jpg

Saturday Afternoon Concert

Guildford Public Hall: 1:30pm till 5.00pm

Stan Gottschalk and John Boothroyd

Thieving Magpie Trio

 The Fruity Pickers

Moonlighting Jug Band

The Burning Bridges

Hardies Hillbillies

Saturday Evening Concert

Guildford Public Hall: 7.00pm till 10.30pm


Nine Mile Creek

The Duck Downpickers

Hard Drive Bluegrass Band

Mysterious Mose
Moosejaw Rifle Club

Hard Drive Bluegrass Band.jpg

Saturday Guided Jam Sessions

Ticketed events. Music Hall. Bring instruments to play along or just come and listen.
Saturday Afternoon 1.30 – 3.00pm: Old-Timey Session led by Maggie Duncan and friends.
Saturday Evening 7.30pm till whenever it finishes! Led by Mark “Chips” Wardle and friends.


No ticket required.

Sunday Morning 9:30 - 10:30am in the Public Hall. Dancing with the Angels &
friends will lead all comers in a host of sing along blue grass gospel songs. Bring a gold coin for a song word booklet.

Gospel 1.JPG

Rex Watts Memorial Jam Session

No ticket required.

Sunday 11-12:30am Public Hall.

Rex Watts was a frequent and much loved
performer and session player at the Jamboree over many years. He passed away in 2019 and this is
the first chance the Jamboree has had to remember and honour him. This will be an all in session led by Mick Coates & friends. Bring songs, instruments and voices!

Sunday Afternoon Banjo Open Mic - Castlemaine

2pm – 5pm. Maurocco Bar, Midland Hotel building, 4 Templeton St, Castlemaine.

As an adjunct and extension to the Jamboree, John Hannah has arranged for the monthly Open Mic at the Maurocco Bar to be a banjo-themed afternoon. If you wish to play, turn up at the door asap after 1pm to register for a 15 minute or 3-song spot. Nine spots available. All welcome to come and watch

$5 entry for audience members.

Open Mic Maurocco Bar.jpg

Performer Guidelines


All performers, workshop presenters, MCs and dance callers donate their time in return for weekend passes. No additional fees are paid and accommodation is generally camping, or as arranged by the participants. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to arrange billets.


Concert performers will be booked for one half-hour performance for the weekend at either of our two main Saturday concerts. All performances feature the banjo as an integral part of the music.


Our workshop presenters are highly respected musicians who give their time to present an hour's worth of banjo expertise. These workshops are always very informative to attend even if you are not a player.

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